NatsuCon is a 3 days long summer festival focusing on Japanese pop-culture ranging from anime screenings to cosplay contests and numerous lectures. The festival offers a large variety of activities - you are more than welcome to come and discover a lot about Japan, its customs, culture and trends, or just chill out with friends discussing the latest games, anime or cosplay projects.
This year, you will be spirited away into the world of Studio Ghibli movies! The Ghibli theme will be present throughout the whole festival, so you will be able to catch some great moments with Howl, Totoro or Princess Mononoke.

Venue and date

NatsuCon takes places in Prague, in one of the historical parts of the city, so you better make sure not to miss all the photoshoot opportunities in the vicinity of the festival. This year, NatsuCon will start as early as Friday, 13th of July (we promise there won’t be any more bad luck than any other time) and will conclude on Sunday, 15th July. NatsuCon is held in the building of a business college, and is easily accessible via public transport, especially the subway. You can sleep over at the festival in designated classrooms or book a hotel nearby. This may be a bit unexpected for some, but fear not - there is everything you need - enough space, or an atrium for outdoor activities, a proper hall for lectures, and our unique movie club screening hall.


We believe our program is very nice and rich. Unlike a lot of conventions in the Western Europe and across the ocean, the festivals here focus a lot on the educational point. That does not mean boring lectures with a test at the end of the class, but super exciting excursion into different parts of the Japanese culture, brought to you by fellow enthusiasts. Who knows. Maybe you had always secretly wanted to know how the traditional indigo blue fabric is produced, or how to finally delve into the secrets of origami. In case you are not interested in that, may we perhaps interest you in some games? We have it all, music games, like DDR or Singstar where you may yet again try to make a breakthrough as the new rising pop star. We have a contest you can sign up for as well. If singing is not your strong suit, you can trash your opponents in Tekken or Soul Calibur. Oh, and not to forget - we do have cosplay. A lot of it. Everywhere. A contest too, so feel free to sign up again. Most of the program, however, is in Czech. We understand that this might pose a problem, but we believe you can still really enjoy our festival and connect with others.


The tickets will be available in presale at the beginning of May. We offer 3 types of tickets. Bronze, Silver and Gold. The basic Bronze ticket gets you to the festival - 3 days of fun for about 15 EUR. The Silver ticket, aside from the festival entry, includes some merchandise as well - especially the t-shirt. The Gold ticket is the lootbox crate of tickets, which contains: festival entry, special sleeping room, early check-in one hour ahead of everyone else, both of this year’s t-shirts with special designs, additional merch and a Ghibli plush to sleep with - and we might even throw in a party. This ticket also comes with a lot of gratitude from us, because it is a big contribution to the festival.

We will post more information as the time goes by, you can expect the more or less final version of the program by June.

If you would like to contribute to the festival in any way (lecture, money, promotion, media coverage) or you need more information about something (i.e. “Can I bring my pet crocodile?”) or if you want to sell merchandise at our festival, don not hesitate to reach out to us.

We will see you in July!