NatsuCon 2015

21st – 23rd August 2015


Screening list 2015:

Death Parade
©Yuzuru Tachikawa 
King of Thorn
Mardock Scramble
Based on the manga "Parasyte" by Hitoshi Iwaaki,
originally serialized in "Afternoon" by KODANSHA LTD.
©Hitoshi Iwaaki/ KODANSHA LTD.

Local companies:
Cinemart a.s.
Hollywood Classic Entertainment
Warner Bros./Digsen

NatsuCon 2014

The second year was significantly larger than the first. We welcomed about 950 visitors and have successfully introduced an even larger amount of lectures and screenings to the audience. We have continued and further developed our supporting activities. Cooperating with a local company we have brought the possibility of experiencing Virtual reality through Oculus Rift.

We have featured several competitions and we continuously work together with other Czech festivals. In 2015 we would like to continue our partnerships both in our country and abroad. The expectations for 2015 are about 1500 visitors and the introduction of more interactive features and new lectures dedicated to the Korean pop-culture.

Screening list 2014:

Souten Koro
© I Hagin and King Gonta / KODANSHA LTD. All rights
Gatchaman Crowds
© 2013 NTV・VAP・Tatsunoko Pro.
Eureka 7 © 2005-2006 Bones / Bandai. All Rights Reserved.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
© 2014 Viacom Overseas Holdings C.V. All Rights Reserved. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom Overseas Holdings C.V.

Local companies:
Cinemart a.s.
AQS, a.s. divize Bioscop
Intersonic s.r.o.

NatsuCon 2013

NatsuCon 2013 was the first volume of a new festival and it has successfully entered among the Czech festivals and conventions focusing on the Japanese culture. The festival was received extremely well with the audience and we have received positive feedback from other festival organizers and partners who were present.

About 460 visitors have come which we consider a great success considering the size of the local fanbase and the fact that it was a brand new festival. We have screened 9 titles and presented close to 60 lectures and organized several contests and competitions. Because we wanted to take an innovative approach, we have introduced small mini games to enrich the visitors’ experience. Those featured for example our unique achievement game. Each visitor was given a list of achievement which could be earned through completing various tasks during the festival, like for example attending a lecture or participating in a competition.

For NatsuCon 2014 we intend to acquire more titles to screen to present a wider variety of genres and styles. Our main focus remains with showing titles that will further incite our audience to learn more about Japanese pop-culture. We have decided for a change of venue that will enable a better distribution of our funds. We will continually seek support from local companies and business and further develop our relationship with the Japanese Embassy.

For the year 2014 we are expecting up to a thousand visitors and a steady growth in the following years.

Screening list 2013:

Cloud Atlas: ©2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Eureka 7: © 2005-2006 Bones / Bandai. All Rights Reserved.
Hunter x Hunter:
© POT (Yoshihiro Togashi) 1998-2011
© VAP・NTV・Madhouse / Shueisha
Based on the manga “Chihayafuru” by Yuki Suetsugu,
originally serialized in “BE・LOVE” by KODANSHA LTD.
© Yuki Suetsugu / KODANSHA LTD.
Kill Bill vol. I: ©2003 MIRAMAX Film Corporation
Kung fu Panda: ©2008 DreamWorks Animation LLC

Should you wish to contribute to NatsuCon in some way, please, contact the following person:

Jana Votrubova
Main coordinator and program director of NatsuCon
00420 725 528 500

Tickets will be available through this webpage and the pre-sale will later be announced via the site and Facebook. It will be possible to sleep at the venue of the convention. More information will be available later. In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the following email